What People Have Said About TraderCobb’s Crypto Trading Education

What People Have Said Over The Years

“Easily the best crypto education I’ve done. Your service is amazing and much appreciated. The course is really great and I’ll be recommending it to my friends who are also starting out in crypto.” Jeremy Cohen

Have completed the courses around a month ago. As I have been away at work (offshore) ony been trading on bitfinex but completed 18 trades, 15 for profit and 3 stopped out for small losses… In cobbs community group and find that his 100 coin scans help alot as he can scan through quicker than I can Mitch Sanders

“I have traded for a while and I absolutely love the way this was taught, this was truly AMAZING! The ease of questions and answers was incredible, he needs to be your #1 mentor, you would take over the market for training and retail traders joining because they have the confidence to trade, truly brilliant.” Nicholaus Thomson USA

I completed trader cobbs bronze pack a few days ago and am now signed up to his community. i have been watching the market, waiting for an opportuinity to swing trade as i work a full time job and cannot day trade at the momment.

Cobb doesnt teach TA as he states, he teaches trading strategy. with set checklists, if the trade doesnt tick all the boxes you dont enter. iam yet to execute a trade, but his methods have acutally saved me from entering poor trades.

i would recommend buying the trader cobb gold package with that you receive all his courses and a 12 month subscription to his community with frequent videos and access to him via his slack group.

one aspect about his course that stood out from other courses ive completed is that his methods are objective rather than subjective Sam La Rosa

Have been through the education videos (the Bronze pack is the one to get) and have a learnt a lot about reading/interpreting charts. The discipline to, as Craig says, trade what you see, is much harder to learn. Have applied his basics to FX and norma… Paul Friendrich

I am about 80% through essentials section from the bronze course and have learnt so much already. I haven’t even started on Bitcoin breakout or crypto cradle yet. Craig Cobb’s strategy and guidance is worth every cent so far in my opinion and i’m not even half way through the course Paul Formosa

Did my first trade since joining TraderCobb based on his market sacn- #WTC. Made 10% 🙂 Zelda Treasury

“Clear & to the point as a trader can be! I have now 34% returns over the last 2 weeks alone from implementing just a few techniques i have learnt!” Michael T. Australia

“Clear & to the point as a trader can be! I have now 34% returns over the last 2 weeks alone from implementing just a few techniques i have learnt!” Michael T. Australia

“Very informative, will make it a point to attend the rest of the sessions. Thank you for offering the program and extending me an invitation.” K Cantera USA

Sam’s comment pretty much sums up my thoughts as well. I highly recommend any package you can afford, im a diamond member and have no doubt ill have the course paid off over the next few months, as i too work full time and a single parent so i dont have lots of time on my side haha. Get on borad mate, its a great community! Leigh Fonseca

“I’ve been to a lot of training over the past three years. This is the best by far” K Midkiff USA

I’ve completed many trading courses over my life (options, futures, cfds). They all taught technical techniques & patterns but failed to gives me the ability to confidently find & place a trade and be comfortable with the probably if success & failure.. Matt Harvey

Cobb is the joe Rogan of crypto Nathan Haley


Just wanted to say thanks for the discount for your courses to Nuggets subscribers. I’ve just got the bronze package and look forward to digesting it!

What I particularly appreciate about you is you excellence as a teacher (I am a teacher myself).

Clearly you are an expert trader, but your way of presenting your material is very clear and thorough.

Also, do we receive a trial to one of your subscription? I believe I read that somewhere.

Many Thanks! Martin

So Far, Great Course. Worth the money. He explains things in great detail. The Chart Guys course was also good but i founc it made me really sleepy and alil hard to folow whereas Trader Cobb’s course i found myself wanting to finish it all in 1 night and not turn it off Tony Sawlwin

“It is explained well in detail and the interaction is good as it gives us more understanding while the webinar is taking place. It will be really very useful for the trading that I do as a beginner. Looking forward onto the next webinar.” JM Julia NZ

“Amazing course content & the monthly membership is really great value & best I have ever joined. Only month in and 38% returns already!!” Kath C AUS

“Good to see live action with an easy strategy. Would like to follow up more on this please and enroll on the traders programme” D Storey NZ

the chart guys course works off patterns, cobbs uses set check lists, imo i prefer cobbs. with TCG’s course you will be entering trades more frequently, as i was before.

at the end of the day everyone’s methods are different and if you find something that works stick with it. i can follow cobbs methods pretty easily as nothing is open to interpretation. it’s a trade or it isnt. Sam La Rosa

I have also completed the courses and they are great Very straight forward and easy to learn. It will take a lot of practice to master them. But they definitely do work. Luis Wythes

I’ve completed the bronze course this is the best $300+ of my crypto gains that I’ve reinvested, let alone being able to directly chat with @TraderCobb here on slcak – we’re quite privileged. I met him in person at Nugget’s meeetup in Sydney and his polite, patient and confident demeanor absolutely convinced me that his paid courses would be worth my time & money.. Surely all of us in this academy can afford to pay for this potentially life-changing course. Can’t wait to DYOR like a boss Kaisa Heikkila

Hi Craig. I purchased the bronze pack me have been watching courses flat out. I’ve heard your voice way more than wife’s ( some would say a good thing ha). I have finished the introductory courses and the bitcoin breakout course and just made my first trade. It panned out perfectly and this is my first profitable trade pit of five attempts. A small amount but not the point. You’ll be most pleased to hear that I have reviewed the trade as well and it was not perfect as I Bogarde up the stop loss level but hey I can seriously say I’ve learnt so much already and yet have so much more to go. I didn’t purchase your VIP program as I didn’t want to push the love with the wife but I wanted to say thanks. I know I paid you but in reflection I was just going to make bad trades and lose money. I’ll continue to follow and sprook your name. Thanks Alex Gibbins

Yeah really enjoying it hey, I like how much emphasis you have put on risk management, mindset and psychology in the beginning. It’s my first time trading anything but I come from a poker background and the mindset is very similar. I’ve watched a few other people’s courses before this and most jump straight into sloping trend lines or head and shoulders reversals with no consideration for this stuff. Fortunately I haven’t been in the TA game for too long so I’m keen to throw out what I have learned so far and give your strategy a fair go Luke Inkson

“Very clear presentation at this foundation level and having subsequent webinars for advance module. Wow!” T Goh Singapore

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