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This is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for TraderCobb. Anything you wanted to know about us, you should be able to find here. If your question is not covered, simply email the team directly with your question and we will respond as soon as possible.

1) Can I do a trial?

Absolutely, we don’t like being hassled when we want our money back, and we extend that same courtesy to you. The Cryptocurrency marketplace can be a scary place when new and we are 100% confident in our ability and that you will absolutely love what we offer so we back it with a NO QUESTIONS ASKED – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


2) How is the training delivered?

The course content is delivered in a recorded video format that you stream from the members area. The advantages to this is you have access to the courses whenever you like. You can access, view, pause, fast forward, rewind and repeat any chapter at any time you wish. The course content will be available in it’s slide content format as well as checklists available for every day you’re trading

3) How can I follow you on Social Media?

Join TraderCobb on:
Twitter @TraderCobb
(for those that want to join The Trader Apprentice Competition, once you have signed up to the above social pages, each and every sign up is a new ticket into the draw! – total value of $18kUSD!)

4) How do I access the archives?

The archives for members are inside of the subscription service you hold a membership for. Every video will be archived into its appropriate category for ease of access after viewing. Examples of categories are;

Market scans
Live trade calls
Swing trades
Intraday trades
Bitcoin trades

5) I have forgotten my login details – how can I reset them?

Select ‘reset password’ in the Login section and a new password will be emailed to you. If for some reason you have lost access to your email account, If for some reason you have lost access to your email account, please email us your query..

6) Who is the Subscription service for?

For people that wish to become the best trader they can be through a strict, structured, rules based checklist trading style that is simple to follow, easy to understand and very objective in its outcomes.

Anyone who has a desire to be a better technical trader, needs a bit of help, wants to be a part of a community, wishes to see the daily movements of a professional trader and have live feedback. Even the best traders consistently seek to improve!

We do recommend every trader take the relevant Education Courses to ensure they understand everything that is discussed in the Subscription modules, but you are welcome to join whichever program suits your needs at any time.

7) Why is TraderCobb so highly regarded and what makes his strategies so effective?

TraderCobb has been in the markets since he was 16 years old. He has been connected to trading for the last 12 + years exclusively, having worked with and been mentored by some of the top traders around the world. His no-nonsense approach, commitment to the truth and desire to speak in a language that is understandable has resulted in strategies that work, clear and logical to follow and simple to replicate. Trader Cobb and his team are committed to helping you become the best trader you can be. It gets results and people talk!

8)How do I become an affiliate?

Click on Become an Affiliate on the Quick Links tab at the bottom of the website and request your affiliate link.

9) Can I upgrade my monthly subscription or do I need to buy a new one?

Yes, you can always upgrade. If you would like to move from the TraderCobb community to the VIP community we can begin the upgrade immediately the next day after the request. The payment will be calculated pro rata, so there is no confusion.

10) How can I cancel my ongoing subscription?

Please log your request with [email protected] and include your membership email, full name and provide at least 10 days notice (in advance of the next payment date). IE. If you are halfway through your billing cycle, your subscription will end at the end of the next subscription month.

11) What currency are your courses charged in? 

Our courses are charged in USD, but your bank or chosen payment method will automatically calculate the currency conversion at the time of checkout. 

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