“TraderCobb has successfully taught thousands of people all over the world, his methods work. There is a structure and pathway to follow which starts with the “Essentials” course. It is for this very reason he asks you to start with “Essentials” first and then move onto the “Bitcoin Breakout” and “Crypto Cradle” courses. This is for your benefit!

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What People Have Said Over The Years

“Easily the best crypto education I’ve done. Your service is amazing and much appreciated. The course is really great and I’ll be recommending it to my friends who are also starting out in crypto.”

Jeremy Cohen

Have completed the courses aroung a month ago. As I have been away at work (offshore) ony been trading on bitfinex but completed 18 trades, 15 for profit and 3 stopped out for small losses… In cobbs community group and find that his 100 coin scans help alot as he can scan through quicker than I can

Mitch Sanders

“Clear & to the point as a trader can be! I have now 34% returns over the last 2 weeks alone from implementing just a few techniques i have learnt!”

Michael T. Australia

“Very informative, will make it a point to attend the rest of the sessions. Thank you for offering the program and extending me an invitation.”

K Cantera USA

“Amazing course content & the monthly membership is really great value & best I have ever joined. Only month in and 38% returns already!!”

Kath C AUS

“Good to see live action with an easy strategy. Would like to follow up more on this please and enroll on the traders programme”

D Storey NZ

“I have traded for a while and I absolutely love the way this was taught, this was truly AMAZING! The ease of questions and answers was incredible, he needs to be your #1 mentor, you would take over the market for training and retail traders joining because they have the confidence to trade, truly brilliant.”

Nicholaus Thomson USA

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